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Our Mission…

to help seniors understand the benefits of living a more healthy and productive life using natural alternative cannabis medicines.

We Are a Resource…

for information about medicinal cannabis derived products. We are continually in contact with medicinal cannabis practitioners to gain insights into the latest products available on the market. We will be providing reviews and eventually compiling a list of preferred products as a resource for seniors and their families.

Meet Peggy Anderson – Our Founder

Peggy has been a medical marijuana card holder since 1999, which has provided her with first hand experience of the benefits of cannabinoidsI She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1983. After “living” on over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medicines for over 15 years, she decided to use home grown cannabis to help manage her pain. As a result, medicinal cannabis has enabled her to sleep, exercise and enjoy a more active life.

In 2014 she woke up to find herself unable to walk or bring her hands to her mouth. She went to her doctor and as she said “had every test on the planet but there was never a clear diagnosis.”  At that time, her doctors urged her to use opiates to alleviate the pain, but she resisted and found a high strain of CBD based cannabis to help with her inflammation. With the use of cannabis CBD tinctures, THC edibles at night and acupuncture, she was able to regain a full range of movement  within a few months and has been able to participate in four walking 1/2 marathons since then!

As a former school teacher, Peggy is passionate about helping seniors and their families learn about the potential of medicinal cannabis as a viable alternative to prescription drugs. She is particularly interested in helping them become more comfortable with trying cannabis as an alternative to taking sleeping pills, anti-anxiety and pain management medications.

Peggy is an inspiration to the alternative medical cannabis movement. She looks forward to meeting people who are interested in learning about using cannabis in a safe and manageable way.